Why is it Important to Build Trial Teams?

Attorney Tom Metier of Metier Law Firm sits down with Author & Educator, Michael J. Swanson, to talk about why building trial teams is important to your law firm's success and how to build trial teams.

How to Use Focus Groups to Get Better Results for Your Clients

One of America’s Top Trial Attorneys, Andrew Garza of the Connecticut Trial Firm, sits down with author and educator Michael J. Swanson to discuss the importance of using focus groups on your cases and give tips on how to use focus groups to get better results for your clients.

Tips For Prosecuting Truck Accident Cases

In today's video, Attorney Matthew Wright of Wright Law PLC is interviewed by Mr. Swanson, author and educator. Attorney Wright of Franklin, TN shares tips on prosecuting truck accident cases.

How to Use Video in Mediation & Deposition

In today’s video, America’s Top Trial Attorney, William Ricigliano of Ricigliano & Filopei, and his business partner, Michael Sorrentino of Nationwide Legal Video Services, is interviewed by Mr. Swanson about how to incorporate video into your case strategy, and how that can improve your law practice.

How To Go Paperless At Your Law Firm

Attorneys Bob and Brad Simon of The Simon Law Group in Hermosa Beach, California, share with Author and Educator Michael J. Swanson what to do to go paperless at your law firm and how it can help you get better results for your clients.