How To Go Paperless At Your Law Firm 2

John K. Zaid of John K. Zaid & Associates has used a paperless system since the start of his law firm over 17 years ago. In today's video, Micheal J. Swanson interviews Attorney Zaid about his experience with going paperless. Check it out for some helpful tips.

Providing Even Better Service for Your Clients

Attorney Craig Carlson of The Carlson Law Firm in Killeen, Texas shares with Author  and Educator Michael J. Swanson the importance of being a true counsellor at law and taking time to listen to your clients.

New Law Practice Management Resource Coming Soon

Attorney Sean Claggett of Sean K. Claggett & Associates, LLC, in Las Vegas, Nevada shares with Author  and Educator Michael J. Swanson his law practice management book that he will be publishing soon.

A Key Factor in Growing and Managing Your Law Firm

By Michael J. Swanson

Attorney Christian Scranton of Scranton Law Firm in Concord, California shares with Author  and Educator Michael J. Swanson how being responsive is the "secret sauce" to grow your law firm.