How To Get Better Results For Your Clients using Engineering

Watch Kineticorp‘s Director of Expert Relations, Justin Holderness speak with President and CEO Michael J. Swanson on how engineering can help get better results for your clients.

Three Marketing Tips to Grow Your Law Practice

Attorney John Fisher in Kingston, New York shares with Author and Educator Michael J. Swanson marketing tips that he uses to contribute to the growth of his law firm.


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Advertising Agencies Can Help

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Effective marketing is key to any business that wants to truly grow. Your practice is your business, and you handle a lot of the business side of it. You probably even do your own marketing. That isn’t a bad thing, but you’re busy being an attorney. Your time for marketing is more than likely limited, and creativity or marketing insight might be two things you do not possess. This is where advertising agencies can help.

While advertising agencies may seem pricey, they can often times be worth it. If they are based in your local area, their knowledge of which demographics to target and which marketing mediums to use for your firm can be invaluable. What does all this mean to you? Three things:

  • Building your firm’s brand.
  • Increasing your number of clients.
  • Allowing you more time to focus on your cases.

Want to learn more about the advantages of advertising? Check out The Advantages of an Advertising Agency, an article by David Ingram on

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Television Can Help

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Marketing is done through multiple media channels these days. With the world becoming more mobile, it’s easy to get caught up in solely marketing through your firm’s website, social media and other channels that are all designed to be easily accessed while not at home. If you happen to have that mindset, change it.

You may work in a small firm or are a solo practitioner that primarily works with plaintiffs and defendants in your local area. If you want to be able to reach those potential clients, you’ll obviously want to use advertising mediums that put primary focus on your local market. That’s why TV advertising, especially commercials broadcasting on your local news stations, can be effective in getting your firm’s name out to the public.

Don’t take my word for it. If you need a better push toward television advertising, read Adam Warren’s article, Should you Use Branded or Generic TV Advertising to Attract Mass Tort Cases.

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New App for Law Firms: If This Then That (IFTTT)

IFTTTBy Tina Burns


Smartphones have revolutionized the business world and the ability to work on the go. From social media to content storage, it can feel overwhelming when trying to remember to backup files, add events to your calendar or even check the weather…until now.

In a recent article from Attorney Christopher B. Hopkins of Akerman, LLP, we discover the new app IFTTT (If This Then That) that “allows you to get value from your mobile device and social media without “checking in” constantly — thus reducing your internet-induced stress.” This user-friendly app requires no coding or advanced technical knowledge. You simply create ‘Recipes’ to tell the app what to do after a certain action occurs. Here are some example recipes that Mr. Hopkins mentioned:

  • Facebook & Twitter: Eliminate opening both account and set IFTTT so that anything you write on Twitter with the tag “#FB” will be posted on Facebook (or vice versa).
  • Save Email Attachments to Google Drive: Set IFTTT to download all email attachments to a folder in Google Drive — or set the trigger so that IFTTT will save PDF attachments in a folder if you put “#receipts” in title of an email you send to yourself.
  • Weather: If it is going to rain tomorrow in [location], it will send you a text or have IFTTT send you the weather report each morning.
  • Congress or Presidential Updates: Set IFTTT to email you when the President signs a new law or Congress schedules a vote on a bill.

(Read the full article “If This Then That (IFTTT) For Lawyers”)

This is just one of the many free productivity apps available for professions to help organize your life and your business.

Download and try IFTTT today!

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