Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is Director, Co-founder, and Principal Accident Reconstructionist at Kineticorp, a forensic engineering firm founded in 2005.  Nathan has testified over 50 times.  He has published numerous technical articles regarding accident reconstruction. These articles have been published in the SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars – Mechanical Systems, in the SAE Technical Paper Series, in Accident Investigation Quarterly, in the Proceedings of the International Crashworthiness Conference, and in Collision – The International Compendium of Crash Research. Nathan’s 18+ years’ experience in accident reconstruction has allowed him to develop a wealth of knowledge as an accident reconstructionist and testifying expert.

How to Grow Your Law Practice

Attorney Matthew Dubin of the Law Offices of Matthew D. Dubin, in Seattle, Washington shares with Author  and Educator Michael J. Swanson some great ideas to help grow your law practice.

New Law Practice Management Resource Coming Soon

Attorney Sean Claggett of Sean K. Claggett & Associates, LLC, in Las Vegas, Nevada shares with Author  and Educator Michael J. Swanson his law practice management book that he will be publishing soon.

The Future in Law Practice Information Management: OnPoint.Legal


By Sam C. Rumph, III


Lawyers are busy. Lawyers track lots of documents and information. Lawyers need immediate access to their case information, but it has to be secure – protected. Lawyers want simple. And contrary to popular beliefs, lawyers DO have budgets.

At Symbioshare, we get that. Why? Because we ARE lawyers. But before we were lawyers, we were engineers. As lawyers, we got tired of case management resources that touted solutions, but failed to deliver. Symbioshare’s flagship product, OnPoint.Legal, is the proven result of over 4 ½ years of development and testing. As engineers, we will tell you there is nothing else like this on the market today. As lawyers, we will tell you there really is a case management solution for all those “I wish I could…” moments you’ve had sitting at your computer.

onpointlegal2OnPoint.Legal is a matter management software application designed to give attorneys complete flexibility and control in their practice’s case structure, organization and operations. OnPoint.Legal enables you to practice law in the way most beneficial to you.


onpointlegal3OnPoint.Legal integrates with Microsoft SharePoint Online allowing increased security, flexibility, reliability, enhanced collaboration and an experience unmatched by any other system on the market. Imagine, a software application that organizes, controls and displays key information in one simple view utilizing tools that you use every day, e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer.

At Symbioshare, we are driven to help your practice succeed in a seamless transition to the next generation information management system. OnPoint.Legal’s integration capabilities enable lawyers to keep the information most important to your practice immediately accessible regardless of your geographic location. OnPoint.Legal utilizes the strongest features of each Microsoft Office 365 application to efficiently and effectively empower law firms to manage their practice in a matter and client centric design to collaborate on projects, track deadlines, delegate or assign tasking, and route documents for review, editing, and approval.  What sets us apart is that we can help you do all of this without changing the way you want to practice law and save you money along the way.  Call and let us help you today!


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New App for Law Firms: If This Then That (IFTTT)

IFTTTBy Tina Burns


Smartphones have revolutionized the business world and the ability to work on the go. From social media to content storage, it can feel overwhelming when trying to remember to backup files, add events to your calendar or even check the weather…until now.

In a recent article from Attorney Christopher B. Hopkins of Akerman, LLP, we discover the new app IFTTT (If This Then That) that “allows you to get value from your mobile device and social media without “checking in” constantly — thus reducing your internet-induced stress.” This user-friendly app requires no coding or advanced technical knowledge. You simply create ‘Recipes’ to tell the app what to do after a certain action occurs. Here are some example recipes that Mr. Hopkins mentioned:

  • Facebook & Twitter: Eliminate opening both account and set IFTTT so that anything you write on Twitter with the tag “#FB” will be posted on Facebook (or vice versa).
  • Save Email Attachments to Google Drive: Set IFTTT to download all email attachments to a folder in Google Drive — or set the trigger so that IFTTT will save PDF attachments in a folder if you put “#receipts” in title of an email you send to yourself.
  • Weather: If it is going to rain tomorrow in [location], it will send you a text or have IFTTT send you the weather report each morning.
  • Congress or Presidential Updates: Set IFTTT to email you when the President signs a new law or Congress schedules a vote on a bill.

(Read the full article “If This Then That (IFTTT) For Lawyers”)

This is just one of the many free productivity apps available for professions to help organize your life and your business.

Download and try IFTTT today!

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