How Could the Pending Tax Reform Affect Your Law Firm?

Could the pending tax code changes have a substantial impact on your law firm?

Watch this must see interview with attorney and CPA, Joseph E. Fournier and President and CEO, Michael J. Swanson to find out more.

How To Get Better Results For Your Clients using Engineering

Watch Kineticorp‘s Director of Expert Relations, Justin Holderness speak with President and CEO Michael J. Swanson on how engineering can help get better results for your clients.

Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is Director, Co-founder, and Principal Accident Reconstructionist at Kineticorp, a forensic engineering firm founded in 2005.  Nathan has testified over 50 times.  He has published numerous technical articles regarding accident reconstruction. These articles have been published in the SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars – Mechanical Systems, in the SAE Technical Paper Series, in Accident Investigation Quarterly, in the Proceedings of the International Crashworthiness Conference, and in Collision – The International Compendium of Crash Research. Nathan’s 18+ years’ experience in accident reconstruction has allowed him to develop a wealth of knowledge as an accident reconstructionist and testifying expert.

How to Grow Your Law Practice

Attorney Matthew Dubin of the Law Offices of Matthew D. Dubin, in Seattle, Washington shares with Author  and Educator Michael J. Swanson some great ideas to help grow your law practice.

Is Winning All That Matters In Order To Be Profitable?

moneywinnerWinning verdicts and settlements typically mean a law firm is on the right track. After all, if your clients come out victorious, it typically translates into more profit for your firm. Is there anything else worth keeping track of when it comes to knowing whether or not your firm is profitable after a series of wins?

Years ago, a “no” might have sufficed. However, the recent changes in technology have ushered in advanced software, litigation support that can give a jury a clear picture on how accident happened, and new ways of getting your firm’s name out into the public that go beyond the historic newspaper and TV ads. In order for these things to work, one must be willing to cover the costs.

I just recently came across an article  by Frank Strong called “Six Business Metrics Every Law Firm Should Measure.” To view the full article, click here. I have to agree strongly with the article, as some of the metrics mentioned were:

  • Cost of servicing a client
  • Marketing expenditure as a percent of revenue
  • Technology expenditure as a percent of revenue

I believe keeping track of these metrics of business is extremely important, especially for a contingent-fee based law firm. Even if an attorney is winning a lot of cases, he can quickly find himself in a financial bind if he is only focusing on the money coming in.