Updating Your Law Firm’s Blog: Set a Schedule for Success

By Yvette Valencia

How often should I update a blog for my law firm’s website?

takvimWhether you’ve been practicing law for a few months or a few decades, most attorneys know that their busy schedules don’t make it easy to constantly update a blog for their law firm. The good news: that’s okay. There is no set standard for how often you should update a blog on your law firm’s website. But keeping a regular schedule can help you build your audience and drive traffic.

Sometimes Less Is More When It Comes to Blog Updates

How often you should blog depends mostly on two things: your time and your ideas.

Before you set yourself on a blogging schedule, take into consideration your own time constraints. If you know you can’t dedicate at least an hour to write a post a few times a week, try once a week, or every other week, or even once a month. It’s better to space out your posts rather than trying to meet a tight blogging deadline.

And if you don’t have a good topic to blog about, you could be sabotaging your blog by putting out boring, bland, or useless information. If you’re struggling to regularly come up with topics, a looser schedule with more time between posts can give you adequate time to create a topic or monitor relevant news that you can comment on.

Further, set yourself up for success by gathering “evergreen” topics. An “evergreen” topic is one that’s relevant no matter what time you write it. These are good topics when there’s no hot news in your field, ensuring you’ll always have something to write about when you need to blog.

If You Create a Blogging Schedule, Stick to It

One of the biggest advantages to blogging regularly is that Google and other search engines will take notice of your site’s regular updates. Google loves fresh information, which may benefit you in the search results.

Also keep in mind that blogging on a schedule creates expectations as you build an audience. Think about your favorite TV show like Game of Thrones. Fans have come to expect a new episode every week, and if the show’s creators couldn’t get an episode out for the week, the fans would riot.

While your law firm’s blog may not have the following of Game of Thrones, it can look just as bad if your readers expect a weekly blog and you fail to deliver.

Blogging Services Are Available for Those Who Don’t Have the Time

If you want to set up a regular posting schedule but know you don’t have the time or topics to support it, don’t fret. We Do Web Content can set up your law firm blog with a regular schedule that drives traffic to your website. To get started, reach out to us to speak with our sales manager about all of the content services we offer for law firms.

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