Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is Director, Co-founder, and Principal Accident Reconstructionist at Kineticorp, a forensic engineering firm founded in 2005.  Nathan has testified over 50 times.  He has published numerous technical articles regarding accident reconstruction. These articles have been published in the SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars – Mechanical Systems, in the SAE Technical Paper Series, in Accident Investigation Quarterly, in the Proceedings of the International Crashworthiness Conference, and in Collision – The International Compendium of Crash Research. Nathan’s 18+ years’ experience in accident reconstruction has allowed him to develop a wealth of knowledge as an accident reconstructionist and testifying expert.

Sam C. Rumph, III

sam_sm3Sam is an experienced trial attorney and engineer.  As the managing partner for his law firm he has been a driving force for office automation, innovation and efficiency.  It was this relentless quest that led Sam and his law partner Jeff to develop a cutting edge case management system and the formation of Symbioshare.  Sam earned his B.S. degree in Ocean Engineering at the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned in the U.S. Navy in 1993. After completing the Navy’s nuclear power training program, he served aboard a fast attack nuclear submarine as a naval Submarine Warfare Officer and was certified by the Naval Reactors Division of the U.S. Department of Energy as a Nuclear Engineer. Sam holds his Juris Doctor from the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University in Raleigh, North Carolina.  As a partner with Symbioshare, Sam works closely with lawyers in strategic planning to put OnPoint.Legal and its capabilities to work for their businesses.


Adam Rowan

Adam_R1_0Adam Rowan combines a love for exceptional content with a hunger for learning about and implementing innovations in online media to engage audiences. Getting his start in print media, Adam brings the quality and precision intrinsic to great newspaper and magazine writing to every Web project he undertakes, creating experiences for users that are enriching and informative.

Before transitioning into online marketing, Adam served as an editor and content manager for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, the user-generated content division of Yahoo, Inc. Over the last 10 years he has also written articles on business, health, arts and entertainment, local events, and other topics for multiple publications in the Denver metro area and across the country.

Adam is currently the content specialist at Page 1 Solutions, a Web marketing company in Golden, Colo., serving firms in the legal and medical fields. He collaborates across departments to ensure that the elements of a campaign are consistent, accurate, and enhance the client’s Web presence while meeting the expectations of online users and the best practices of search engine optimization.



Jenell Henning

JenellH_0Jenell Henning is an Inbound Marketing Strategist. She graduated from CU after having received both a BA and a Masters degree.

Jenell gained her internet marketing experience while working for a prestigious car dealership where she discovered a passion for all things internet marketing. She enjoys indulging her creative side in developing solutions catered to address specific client needs. Seeking to fully engage her creative side, Jenell happily joined Page 1 Solutions.

Jenell’s busy life outside of work contains volleyball, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.


Tina Burns

Tina BurnsSince 2004 Ms. Burns has worked for a financial services company. Ms. Burns manages the marketing department as well as client relationship responsibilities throughout the country. Ms. Burns began her marketing career in 2006 and transitioned into management in 2010. Ms. Burns and her team utilize many marketing communication channels including social media, website, email, direct mail, blogging, trade shows and print media.